Wednesday, December 28, 2011

COD MW3 Online Strategy Guide - Get The Best MW3 Online Multiplayer Strategy Guide Now!

If you havent already got your copy of Call of Duty MW3 guide then you don't know what your missing! There's been some exciting changes to the game itself be it single player or multiplayer mode. Which has made the game that much better!

MW3 gives you the opportunity to choose a style of play that suits you, for instance if you are a defensive then Support Style will be suited to you. Or if you an aggressive player then Assault mode if your style of choice! You can also select Specialist if you like creeping up on people and killing them! Another bonus is the change to "Kill Streaks".

By default Assault is the top option and most gamers will not even change from Assault, however if you know how to use Support and Specialist to match your playstyle you will become more dangerous instantly.

Next once you know how to take advantage of the new strike packages you should make sure you know how to level the weapon that you will be using.
This is also a new feature and weapons can be levelled as well as the actual player!

The KEY to dominating online is becoming the best fast and getting a good kill/death ratio from the outset!

To help you do this a guide has been launched that will give you a full walkthrough of the single player campaign and also a complete guide to the multiplayer as well.

You will find out the top maps strategies and learn how to dominate fast so you will never be left in the lurch!

If you want to dominate the game then you need to check out Perses guide through the link below:

MW3 Online strategy guide

Sunday, November 27, 2011

COD Modern Warfare 3 Guide – How To Become The Best Now!

So you have just picked up the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game and are getting killed too much online in the multiplayer mode?

Or maybe you just want to learn how to get better at the game fast?

Well there are a couple of ways you can do this and this article will help you out:


You can of course browse the forums and ask the top players about map strategies and how they are dominating but in all honesty you will probably not get the best players giving away their secrets. However if you browse enough and keep asking questions you will be able to piece together information about the maps and new game modes that will help you.

The main things to make sure you understand is the new Strike chains and pick one that suits your gameplay. Also that you can level your weapon it is well worth levelling a weapon that you are going to play with and use a lot.

Another way is to check out the top gaming sites:
Gaming Sites:

If you check out the top gaming sites and look for some tips on how to dominate the multiplayer this is a good place to start but again these will not be any “secrets”.

Well worth a look if you are brand new but I suggest if you want to dominate Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 then you check out a good guide:

Perses Guide:

If you really want a complete guide to dominate the game then I would check out Perses guide as it is a complete guide on how to dominate the game and has a complete walkthrough for both single player and multiplayer as well.

If you are trying to get to grips with the game then a full guide that has been designed by the top gamers will help you out no end.

For a full preview and to start dominating check out the full guide below:

COD Modern Warfare 3 strategy Guide